We deliver cutting-edge legal services and advisory


Milestone Partners is a fast emerging 21st century law firm properly positioned to provide cutting-edge advice and legal solution to myriad legal problems in diverse areas. Formed in January, 2011 with the prime purpose of deploying the partners’ wide-ranging experience in legal services and advisory.


Business Advisory and Development

At Milestone Partners, we provide wide ranging legal opinions on simple to complex corporate and commercial legal issues.

Debt Recovery and Insolvency Practice

Our partners have combined experience of over 15 years in debt recovery and insolvency actions on behalf of banks, corporations and individuals.

Real Estate and Documentation

We have expertise in documentation, preparation and drafting leases, mortgages, facility agreements, syndicated loan and property acquisition agreements.

Employment Law and Labour Relations

We understand managing and utilizing human resources is germane to the success of every organization.

Media and Entertainment/Intellectual Property

Milestone Partner is fast emerging as a household name in entertainment and media law and practice.

Dispute Resolution

Our partners are certified members of the Chattered Institute of Arbitrator (Uk). They have at various times acted as Counsel to parties to arbitral proceedings involving huge sums of money.

Maritime and Admiralty Practice

We advise on marine commerce, carriage of goods by sea, cabotage and other related aspects of admiralty practice.

Energy and Natural Resources

At Milestone Partners, our practice with respect to energy and natural resources cuts across power and mining as well as oil and gas

Food and Agriculture

Food and Agricultural is one of our core competencies in Milestone Partners. The Firm has picked peculiar interests and has developed substantially in this area of law practice over the years.



The Firm has grown to be a one-stop shop in corporate commercial, employment, technology law, media and entertainment, immigration, natural resources, food and agriculture, property and documentation, dispute resolution and other sundry matters.

The need to maximize profit without necessarily compromising integrity coupled with the competition foisted on almost all businesses have left the world with no other option than finding legal practitioners who can deliver quality opinions and offer appropriate advice within record times and hit the Court timeously when necessary.

We give broad based advice with sound analysis of both judicial decisions and statutory authorities whilst also bending over backwards in search of comparative law all in a bid to guide our clients and provide legal support to help shape their formulation and implementation of various transactions. We offer solutions in a speedy and cost effective way either through litigation or other alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration and mediation.

This enables us understand commercial considerations underlying transactions in which our clients are involved and the perceptions of issues by our clients including their objectives, priorities and needs, whilst simultaneously equipping us to identify and mitigate any associated risk.